Sam Lehrer Miami

Sam LehrerMiami

Welcome to the official website of Sam Lehrer Miami.

Sam Lehrer is a graduate from the University of Florida in 1994 and has been working in Medical Sales ever since.

In addition to Medical Sales, Sam Lehrer Miami has been known to work alongside his colleagues in the fields of management and business development ever since his years at the University of Florida.

Sam Lehrer Miami has dealt with everything from Medical Supplies to Pharmaceuticals to Cardiothoracic Surgery to Ophthalmic as well as working with Refractive Equipment.

Sam Lehrer Miami is involved with various forms of Philanthropy work including but not limited to,

A program that helps children with disability and special needs.

Sam Lehrer was originally born in the United States, however, Lehrer was raised in Mexico where he now resides full-time, apart from frequently staying in North Carolina.

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