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Why Hospitals Should Invest in Capital Medical Equipment Post COVID-19 – Sam Lehrer Miami

Sam Lehrer Miami has been in medical sales since 1994. From pharmaceuticals to cardiothoracic surgery and refractive equipment he supplies hospitals with capital medical equipment.  “As we slowly bounce back from one of the toughest recessions in history, post-COVID-19, healthcare providers will be searching for ways to invest in capital medical equipment that impacts patient […]

Samuel Lehrer Miami

Sam Lehrer Miami and Republican State Legislator Tommy Thompson Discuss Charity Interests in Palm Beach, FL

Philanthropist Sam Lehrer Miami and republican state legislator Tommy Thompson discuss charity interests in Palm Beach, FL. PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2020 /– Philanthropy is especially important during uncertain times. Sam Lehrer Miami has been a Florida philanthropist for years. His hard work and dedication to those less privileged than him led him to […]