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Sam Lehrer Miami

Why Hospitals Should Invest in Capital Medical Equipment Post COVID-19 – Sam Lehrer Miami

Sam Lehrer Miami has been in medical sales since 1994. From pharmaceuticals to cardiothoracic surgery and refractive equipment he supplies hospitals with capital medical equipment.

 “As we slowly bounce back from one of the toughest recessions in history, post-COVID-19, healthcare providers will be searching for ways to invest in capital medical equipment that impacts patient care and their bottom lines,” predicts Sam Lehrer Miami. This is easier said than done in a system that pushes reduction in cost while still improving patient outcomes.

What Is Capital Medical Equipment? Sam Lehrer Miami Explains

“Capital medical equipment is large or expensive equipment that helps generate income. It’s an investment,” explains Sam Lehrer Miami. “Most importantly, capital medical equipment should be able to help the hospital or care provider deliver higher-quality patient care over its lifetime. Increases in patient outcomes mean increased funding, research, and profits.”

Sam Lehrer Miami Talks Healthcare Investment Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic kicked off a recession we never could have expected. Hospitals in particular may take years to fully recover. During times of crisis, is it wise for hospitals to invest money in new and costly equipment? Sam Lehrer thinks so.

“Patient care is always the number one priority for hospitals and doctors. And you can’t improve patient outcomes with out-dated or redundant technology,” says Sam Lehrer Miami. As technology increases, devices are made obsolete faster than ever, and hospitals were already struggling to keep up with demand.

“A lot of local hospitals just don’t have the means to buy top-of-the-line tech like the big boys do,” sympathizes Sam Lehrer Miami. But investing in capital equipment can improve patient outcomes, reduce wait room times, cut time on surgeries and procedures, lower infection rates, and make menial tasks easier and more efficient for nurses and support staff. “It’s a long term investment in patient care that always pays off,” urges Sam Lehrer Miami. “In these uncertain times, diversifying your revenue streams and investing in new service offerings is the only way that hospitals will be able to survive.”

Sam Lehrer Miami Tells Us What Characteristics To Watch For In Capital Medical Equipment

“I’ve been doing this for a long time,” says Sam Lehrer Miami. “Consider the cost, the lifetime and durability, the size, and how the equipment will improve patient care before you buy – you want to make the right investment. And really there is no better time to invest – people are clamoring for improved care and safety measures.”

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